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Co–Rotating Twin Screw Extruders (UTS20 –UTS 120), Conveying and Kneading Elements, Segmented Barrels, High Speed Mixers, Pelletizers, Grinders, Dies, Single Screw Extruders and All type of Extrusion Screws & barrels for any application of polymers at any geometrical versions.

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Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

Our co-rotating twin screw Extrude are based on closely inter meshing twin-screw system. The screw geometry provides efficient conveying, pressure build-up and self containing action. The modular design of the processing section allows the extruder to be operated as a mixer, devolatiser or reactor. This screw compounding system upgrades raw plastic material into a product having properties tailored to its final application. The process include the simple conversion of powder into pellets as well as removal of large quantities of solvents and volatiles. It is designed to meet all compounding requirements such as pigments and additive master batches, Engineering Polymers and all Thermoplastics production.

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Conveying Elements

The influence of different screw element types on wet granulation process with a twin-crew extruder was investigated. Conveying elements led to the most porous and friable granules, where as kneading blocks produced the densest and least friable granules. Combing mixer elements produced granules with median properties. A linear correlation between granule porosity and the natural logarithm of granule friability was detected. Flow ability of granules was also influenced by the element type. Compressed granules with higher granule porosities resulted in tablets with higher tensile strength values and vice versa. Twin-screw extruders proved to be a versatile tool for wet granulation. By the choice of a suitable screw element granule and tablet characteristics were influenced.

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Kneading Elements

Screw extruder apparatus is provided for the fluxing and mixing of particulate thermoplastic material which comprises providing, in the kneading elements of the screw-mounted kneading section, a plurality of intermittent, substantially radial grooves each having a width smaller than the smallest dimension of the particulate thermoplastic material to be fluxed and mixed.

Segmented Barrels

We are Manufacturing Segmented Barrels for our co-rotating twin screw extruders made Using HCHC Grade Steel Material. Our Segmented Barrels are Available in Rectangular and cylindrical Shapes. We Provide Segmented Barrels with Water Cooling for Controlling Friction Heat Actuated By Solenoid Valves. Further, all Segmented Barrels are Liquid Cooled with Close Loop Circuit. Replaceable Sleeves inter-changeable Barrels high working Speed tear and Wear Resistant long Functional Life. We also provide bimetalic barrels with Liners (sleeves) with solid Nit riding Alloy Steel body.

High Speed Mixer

The mixer function as hot mixing [temperature is increased due to friction generated during high speed mixing process] process. We offer high speed mixture suitable for polymer resin to mix with additives ,pigment paste or powder ,for dry blending and granules with master batches .Capacity 250 grams to 100 kilograms per batch. For granules and resins with pigment powder. Moisture free blending and compounding with additives in different controlled temperatures. We provided with temperature sensors for monitoring the powder temperature and water jacket to avoid clotting of the resin during process. Pneumatic and manual controlled powder discharge and lid opening arrangement. Digital display of powder temperature and water jacket temperature with alarm for process timing indication.


We manufacture and supply Plastic products Grinders. Our specialty is customized product, designed and manufactured as per customer’s requirement, along with time bound delivery. We are widely the best manufacturers of grinders. For the convenience of our clients, we are offering these grinders in various capacities, depending upon the type of material to be process and output required machines due to Our consistency in supplying best quality grinders machines. Our grinders machines are used for disposing off the all type of polymer wastes in a very efficient manner.